The Glycemic Index Explained

By Calorie King April 15, 2018

Counting carbs is out; the glycaemic index is in. But is the glycaemic index just another dose of diet hype, or can it really help? In fact, if used properly, the glycaemic index (and even better, the glycaemic load) may actually help you to improve your diet and make better food choices. It can also […]

Self-Esteem: Your Weight-Loss Maker or Breaker

April 15, 2018

Self-esteem affects all areas of your life.  What you do, how you do it, how you treat yourself and others and how much you enjoy life are all affected by your level of self-esteem. If you have low self-esteem you’re unlikely to be as motivated to take care of yourself physically, or achieve your goals, […]

Fat Percentages Explained

April 14, 2018

  Percentage Of Energy From Fats While health authorities recommend that not more than 30% of our total energy intake (calories/kilojoules) should come from fat, it is not implied nor even recommended that you eat only those foods with less than 30% energy from fat. Our normal diet is made up of foods that are […]

Good Fats, Bad Fats: Get with the (blood) flow

April 15, 2018

  There’s a reason why you don’t pour vats full of fat down your sink; fat clogs up the drain and it shuts down. And that’s exactly what happens to your arteries when you overload them with “bad” fats; namely, saturated fat and trans fat. These types of fats cause a plaque to form on […]

Asparagus – A whole bunch of goodness

April 15, 2018

  Fresh asparagus, with its long slender stalks and crunchy texture, is a favourite in many households. But if you’ve only ever tried tinned asparagus, get set for a whole new flavour experience! In season between mid August and February in Australia, asparagus is a versatile vegetable that is super-quick to cook. It’s also packed […]

Carbohydrates and Diabetes: Breaking it down

April 14, 2018

If you have diabetes it’s important to know how carbs can affect your blood glucose levels. If you eat too many carbohydrates, or the types of carbohydrates that process rapidly, then your blood glucose levels will fluctuate dramatically, increasing health risks. Even if you don’t have diabetes, it’s good to know the ins and outs […]


Meditate to Lose Weight

May 21, 2018

I know it sounds a bit crazy right? You may be thinking “After all the gurgling workouts and some serious dieting, all I needed to do is meditate to lose weight”? Come, on Hamish!” Well you’re right. I’m not here to offer you some magical meditation technique which will instantly melt away all the unwanted […]

Sleep It Off: The Sleep-Weight Connection

April 15, 2018

  Say “Rock-a-bye-extra-kilos!” Did you know that lack of sleep can make it difficult to lose weight? Several major studies have shown that sleep, or lack of it, affects a number of processes in the body linked with weight management, including the ability to process glucose effectively. If you’re doing all the right things, but […]

Gestational Diabetes and You

April 14, 2018

Pregnancy is an exciting and turbulent time, full of new experiences and things to look forward to. During pregnancy you do everything you can to look after your own health, knowing that your baby’s good health depends on it. Gestational diabetes is a disease that occurs only during pregnancy. It can threaten the well-being of […]

The CalorieKing Alcohol Guide

April 17, 2018

  Alcohol is a fairly common part of Australian culture. It is often associated with celebrations and significant events, such as weddings. But if you find yourself indulging in your favourite drink a bit too often, it’s not only the hangovers and excess calories than can cause problems. Other serious issues, including poor health, violence, […]

Keeping Motivated

April 14, 2018

  When you start a new weight loss plan, you feel full of enthusiasm and motivation, determined to succeed! However, after a short time it can be easy for old habits to start creeping back in and excuses to stop you from exercising conveniently turn up. So what can you do to help your motivation […]

Best Breakfasts

Best Breakfasts

April 15, 2018

  Want to know the secret to a good breakfast? Mix it up! When building your breakfast make sure you get a nourishing balance of carbohydrates, protein, fat and fibre. Whole-grain cereals and toasts are great sources of complex carbohydrates and fibre, while fresh fruit and vegetables provide extra vitamins and antioxidants. Get healthy protein […]