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NEW Dietitian Led Program

Online Nutrition Education & Support

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Support from Dietitians is our  Difference


Allan Borushek – The Calorie King

Healthy Eating

Lane Edwards – Accredited Dietitian

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

Dylan Maley – Accredited Dietitian

Healthy Eating

Dealing with any of these issues?

  • No access to an Accredited Practising Dietitian?
  • Lost weight but found it again?
  • Feeling isolated?
  • Can’t get into exercise?
  • Not mentally ready to change or not sure where to start?
  • Thyroid or Kidney problems, Diabetes, Heart Disease, IBS, Chron’s, Coeliac or other condition affecting your nutrition?
  • We’ll assign you a Dietitian in your first week of the program.
  • We help you create long-term, sustainable change.
  • Connect with professional support and others facing the same challenges – learn and change together.
  • Our Exercise Physiologist designed walking & exercise program with starting points for all levels of fitness is for you.
  • Don’t put your health on the back-burner any longer.
  • You’ll be contacted by your assigned Lead Dietian before starting the program to discuss additional support and condition management.

Watch The Program Introduction Video

What is the First13 program?

The food.com.au Nutrition Education & Support Program is here for Australians who want to conquer their weight and improve their health.

It’s built for you:

  • Easy to get started, realistic and sustainable
  • Delivered and supported by Dietitians
  • Backed up by self-reflection worksheets to improve knowledge and action

The program is flexible:

  • 12 months access to complete your modules
  • Purchase weekly or save by buying in blocks
  • Optional additional modules

Download the FREE SAMPLE MODULE to see how the education and self-reflection model can help you take action.


Why choose the First13 program?

1. Created and led by an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD)

APDs are the only nutrition professionals that:

  • Have scientific training and clinical supervision, making them highly skilled at examining scientific evidence and cutting through misinformation.
  • Are qualified to deliver dietary and medical nutrition therapy under Medicare.
  • Are more than just nutrition scientists. They are also trained in counselling, coaching and educating – so they can provide advice that is realistic, actionable and right for you.

2. Get connected and supported

  • Small groups of like-minded learners make up learning teams.
  • Your questions answered directly by your assigned Leading Dietitian.
  • Private consultations available to discuss specific issues and customised diet planning.

3. Based on current scientific evidence

Our nutrition program complies with recommendations made by:

  • The National Health and Medical Research Council
  • The Australian Government Department of Health.

4. Behaviour-focused

  • Focus on Mindset and Lifestyle instead of a strict diet and calorie counting approach.
  • Focus on permanent positive shift in eating and exercise behaviour through improving your relationship with food.

How much
does it cost?

13 Week Program – $24.95 per week.

First Week FREE. Cancel Anytime.


Includes online Dietitian support.

What do I get?

Online Nutrition Education Program

Video introductions for each week and every module

Quiz and Self reflection worksheets for every module

Additional modules to learn about subjects that are relevant to you.

Exercise Physiologist designed exercise program for all levels of fitness.

Access to public and private support forums.

Weekly check in forms to track progress and wellbeing.

An assigned Lead Dietitian and Nutrition Support team.

Private consultation with your leading dietitian available at additional cost.

Modules you’ll cover


Ready, willing and able
Stop the glorification of busy
Practising mindfulness
Emotional eating
Goal setting
Managing sabotage


Creating life balance
Enjoying the journey
Importance of support groups
Sowing seeds, reaping rewards
Establishing a healthy routine
Maintaining balance

Food & You

Meals & planning
A well-balanced diet
Portion control
Health benefits of fruit & veg
Discretionary foods
Smart snacking


Begin your exercise program
The elements of fitness
What’s holding you back?
Measuring your fitness
How do you like to move?
Change it up

Some of the Self-Paced
Additional Modules

The Obesogenic Environment

Energy In vs Energy Out

Recipe Makeovers

Survival Guides

Nutrition Basics

Tips & Strategies

Myth Busting


What are you waiting for?

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