Mushroom Laksa
Ingredients: (1 Litre) Salt-reduced Chicken Stock, 98.5% Fat-free Coconut-flavoured Evaporated Milk, Bean Sprouts, Button Mushrooms, Coriander Leaves, Dried Rice Vermicelli Noodles, Grated Palm Sugar, Laksa Paste, Peanut Oil, Small Mint Leaves, and Spray of Oi Spray, Recipe Categories: Higher Protein, International, Lower Fat, Mediterranean, and Quick Easy, Ratings: 0 stars

Mushroom Laksa

A spicy mushroom version of a traditional Asian favourite.

Ingredients: Baked Chicken Breast, Caster Sugar, cos Lettuce, Cup Mushrooms, Dijon Mustard, Fat-free Caesar Salad Dressing, Hard Boiled Eggs, Lean Rashers Bacon, olive oil, Red Wine Vinegar, Salt and Freshly Ground Black Pepper, and Turkish Bread, Recipe Categories: High Fiber, Low Carbohydrate, Lower Fat, Lunch Box, Mediterranean, and Salads & Vegetables, Ratings: 0 stars

Chicken and Mushroom Caesar Salad

This excellent chicken and mushroom Caesar salad is bursting with different flavours, making it unfo …

Ingredients: Chopped Parsley, Cooked Brown Rice, Currants, Granny Smith Apple, Jonathan Apple, lemon juice, olive oil, Pinch of Sugar, Salt and Black Pepper, Spring Onions, Sticks Celery, and Whole Almonds, Recipe Categories: Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Heart Healthy, High Calcium, High Fiber, Low Sodium, Lower Fat, Lunch Box, Mediterranean, Omega 3 Source, Pasta & Rice, Quick Easy, and Salads & Vegetables, Ratings: 0 stars

Rice Salad with Apple and Nuts

A delicious nutty, rice salad - perfect with grilled meat or on its own for lunch.