Why choose us

Why Choose the First 13 Program?

1. Created and led by an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD)

Have scientific training and clinical supervision, making them highly skilled at examining scientific evidence and cutting through misinformation.
• Are qualified to deliver dietary and medical nutrition therapy under Medicare.
• Are more than just nutrition scientists. They are also trained in counselling, coaching and educating – so they can provide advice that is realistic, actionable and right for you.

2. Get connected and supported

• Small groups of like-minded learners make up learning teams.
• Your questions answered directly by your assigned Leading Dietitian.
• Private consultations available to discuss specific issues and customised diet planning.

3. Based on current scientific evidence

Our nutrition program complies with recommendations made by:
• The National Health and Medical Research Council
• The Australian Government Department of Health.

4. Behaviour-focused

• Focus on Mindset and Lifestyle instead of a strict diet and calorie counting approach.
• Focus on permanent positive shift in eating and exercise behaviour through improving your relationship with food.

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