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Australians are among the most overweight people in the world. This alarming trend is placing pressure, not just on our bodies, but the entire health system.
With more and more people experiencing chronic illness and poor health, food.com.au is a comprehensive website for independent news, articles, reviews, tips and evidence-based insights into one of Australia’s fastest growing industries – health and wellness.

Our Mission

We aim to educate, empower and inspire Australians to take charge of their health by providing clear pathways to action, particularly by addressing the intention-behaviour gap in nutrition.

What does this mean? People often have want to change their lifestyle by losing weight, eating more healthily and getting fit. But they might not do anything about it. This is known as the intention-behaviour gap. If we don’t alter the choices we make towards our food, the outcome can be obesity and increased risk factor for diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure ,osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, respiratory & liver problems, eating disorders and sleep apnoea.

Our Vision

Food.com.au offers guidance and actionable solutions to address the intention-behaviour gap by:

promoting an in-depth understanding of the self, mind, body and brain
instilling a growth mindset through continuous education
inspiring permanent shifts through personalised nutrition advice, tracking and engagement
offering original information and resources on a range of innovative health-based products and services
embracing the latest scientifically-backed technology
partnering with suppliers who target one or more of our proposed intention-behaviour gap fillers.

Piece by piece, we intend to help bridge the intention-behaviour gap by providing an extra layer of understanding and personalisation to your situation. Our aim is to create mass awareness, leading to mass engagement and mass action. By doing so, we hope to engage and inspire Australians to have happier and healthier lives.

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