Clever Cooking: Your guide to adapting recipes

By Calorie King April 15, 2018

  Once you get into the swing of it, making healthy food choices is easy. This guide will help you adapt your favourite recipes and make the right choices with the food you eat. How to reduce fat Fat in the diet is essential for good health. However, too much fat can contribute to you […]

Diabetes Basics: Understanding the Disease

April 17, 2018

Diabetes is a disease currently affecting more than one million people across Australia, and this number is only rising. However, although diabetes is so widespread, many of us don’t have a good understanding of the disease or how to manage it. Even if you don’t have diabetes yourself, it’s likely you know someone who does, […]


P.S. I’m an Emotional Eater

April 15, 2018

Ever wanted to see inside the mind of an emotional eater? Follow our EE (Emotional Eater) as she writes in her private journal about the eating habits that have led her to experience deep negativity, poor self-image, and lack of weight control. See how she overcomes emotional eating behaviours, and manages to not only lose […]


A Guide to Cholesterol

April 17, 2018

Cholesterol. It’s contained in eggs. It’s found in meat. It’s running through your bloodstream right now. While there’s endless fuss over “dangerous” cholesterol, is it as bad as you think? If you want to stay healthy, strong and independent, even as you age, it’s best to understand how your cholesterol levels affect your health. What […]

Personalised Nutrition Based On Your DNA – Summary

April 07, 2018

Here at we are focused on bridging the intention-behaviour gap. One of the ways we will do that is by promoting personalised nutrition advice. Other ways we will bridge the gap are through embracing the latest scientifically backed technology, delivering highly educational, actionable content and tools, and promoting action through our internal and partner […]

Diabetes Basics: Management and treatment

April 17, 2018

Diabetes is a disease that currently affects over one million people across Australia, and the numbers are on the rise: in fact, diabetes is developing worldwide at epidemic rates. However, although diabetes is so widespread, many of us don’t have a good basic understanding of the disease or how to manage it. Even if you […]


April 15, 2018

  The fresh, aniseed taste of fennel is a delicious way to add flavour to your cooking. Fennel also has a reputation for health-giving properties that include everything from easing flatulence to helping to produce milk for women who are breastfeeding. Some of the therapeutic uses of fennel include: Relieving gastric upsets, including flatulence, wind, […]

Hydration Guide

April 15, 2018

  One of the most common things our successful members say is – make sure you drink enough fluids! If you want to lead a more healthy life, a good first step is to increase the amount of fluid you drink each day. Although it might sound strange, drinking water actually helps you lose weight […]

Food for Thought – Audiobooks for Your Walk & Commute

April 13, 2018

Hi All, I like to walk, a lot. Audiobooks & Podcasts have given me so much insight into myself and the concepts of action and motivation. When I have a great Audiobook on the go, I’m much more likely to focus and hold my intentions. No reason they can’t do the same for you. Pretty […]

The CalorieKing Protein Guide

April 14, 2018

  Once cast in more of a supporting role, protein has recently become a centre-stage nutrient – but not everything we hear about protein is correct. Protein is a vital nutrient – without it your body would simply waste away. However, while too little protein means you cannot grow or sustain your body properly, too […]

Clever Chicken Choices

April 15, 2018

  If the word ‘chicken’ conjures up images of crunchy batter-coated chicken with eleven secret herbs and spices, it’s time to take a fresh look at chicken! Most people love chicken and it’s also a good choice as part of a healthy diet: it’s a great source of protein and it stacks up well on […]

Work: A ‘weighty’ obstacle?

April 14, 2018

  Do you work at a desk all day? If you spend most of your day stuck in an office, weight control has some added challenges. There’s that pesky vending machine downstairs, a birthday cake every other week, Mrs. Smith’s mum’s sister’s triple-chocolate brownies or baked goods every other day, and as for time to […]