Willpower or Won’t-Power: What works for weight loss?

By Calorie King January 22, 2021

Most dieters start out buzzing with enthusiasm, determined to meet their weight-loss goals. Healthy eating and avoiding temptations become top priority and, fuelled with their newfound “willpower”, they’re convinced they’ll stick to their goals. But as the days and weeks go by, willpower diminishes and junk food and other diet disasters find their way onto […]

Motivation for Weight Control: Get it!

February 15, 2021

You know those super-charged, over-achievers who seem to possess an endless source of motivation, as bottomless as Donald Trump’s bank accounts? Ever wonder how they do it? How they keep going and going, sprinting towards their goals like there’s no tomorrow? Do you find yourself thinking: “It’d be so much easier to lose weight if […]

Pears and their Nutritional Benefits

February 01, 2021

Get ready to introduce a new delicious, nutritious ingredient into your diet: pears! Autumn is a great time of year for tasty pears. Served in sweet or savoury dishes, warm or cold, pears make delicious eating and are super healthy too. A medium-sized pear contains less than 70 calories and is packed with dietary fibre. […]

Citrus Fruits

February 06, 2021

Vitamin C is one of the most commonly used supplements…but did you know you can get all the benefits of vitamin C and other nutrients from delicious citrus fruits, like oranges and lemons? Citrus fruits are in season during winter – nature’s clever way of protecting you from colds and flu. During winter when you’re […]

Get Set to Barbecue

January 19, 2021

With the gorgeous summer weather in full swing, it’s the perfect time to get out of the kitchen and fire up your barbecue! Barbecues are an iconic Australian tradition – an easy way to entertain, and great when catering for bigger groups. Barbecues are an excellent way of cooking healthy and nutritious options, just be […]

Sleep It Off: The Sleep-Weight Connection

January 26, 2021

Did you know that lack of sleep can make it difficult to lose weight? Several major studies have shown that sleep, or lack of it, affects a number of processes in your body linked to weight management, including your ability to process glucose effectively. If you’re doing all the right things, but still can’t seem […]


February 01, 2021

This tropical fruit is a rich source of vitamin A and also contain vitamins B, C and E. Mangoes are also an excellent source of carotenoids – one of the most powerful antioxidants – and a great source of fibre. How to eat a mango You can enjoy mangoes in a variety of ways, but […]

Asparagus – A bunch of goodness

February 01, 2021

While fresh asparagus is a favourite in many households, are you aware of all the nutritional benefits this humble vegetable can provide? In season between mid August and February in Australia, asparagus is a versatile vegetable that is super quick to cook, and packed full of vitamins and other nutrients. History The name ‘asparagus’ comes […]


February 08, 2021

While you probably know how delicious figs are, you may not be aware of their high nutritional value, largely owing to their fibre and mineral content! You can find sweet, juicy figs in most supermarkets or grocery stores. Baked or grilled figs are sweet yet healthy, or serve them fresh with a cheese platter for […]

A Guide to Vitamins

February 16, 2021

Many Australians take some sort of vitamin pill (or several!), but most people don’t actually need to. Most of the essential vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy can be obtained through your food, which is why it’s so important to eat a well-balanced diet. Learn more about vitamins and how to get the […]


A Guide to Fat

February 16, 2021

Despite what you might think, fat is not all bad, or rather, not all fat is bad – some fats are even crucial to good health. However, this doesn’t give you the go-ahead to load up on fries; research continues to show a diet high in certain fats is an unquestionable  cause of heart disease. […]

BMI & Macronutrients Explained

February 11, 2021

Body Mass Index (BMI) is used to determine a person’s ideal weight based on height and weight. The more body fat you have, the greater your risk of encountering health problems. To work out your estimated energy (kilojoule/calorie) requirements, you need to first work out your BMI statistics. To determine your BMI, use this equation: […]