The CalorieKing Protein Guide

By Calorie King April 14, 2018

  Once cast in more of a supporting role, protein has recently become a centre-stage nutrient – but not everything we hear about protein is correct. Protein is a vital nutrient – without it your body would simply waste away. However, while too little protein means you cannot grow or sustain your body properly, too […]

Work: A ‘weighty’ obstacle?

April 14, 2018

  Do you work at a desk all day? If you spend most of your day stuck in an office, weight control has some added challenges. There’s that pesky vending machine downstairs, a birthday cake every other week, Mrs. Smith’s mum’s sister’s triple-chocolate brownies or baked goods every other day, and as for time to […]


April 15, 2018

  Autumn is a great time of year for tasty pears. Served in sweet or savoury dishes, warm or cold, pears make delicious eating and they’re very healthy too. A medium-sized pear has less than 70 calories and is packed with dietary fibre. In fact, a large pear can contain up to 5 g of […]

Low section of young runner tying his shoelaces

Exercise and Diabetes

April 14, 2018

Whether or not you have diabetes, regular exercise is essential for good health and well being. But for people with diabetes, the benefits of exercise may have even more significance. Exercise can help to reduce existing complications associated with diabetes and also defer potential problems. Used as a treatment, exercise can even help many people […]

Personalised Nutrition Based on Your DNA – Part 2 – Exploring the Evidence

April 06, 2018

Is it possible to create a completely personalised diet based on your genes? This was the topic discussed in the first article of this series. The overall conclusion was yes, but only to a certain extent. As technology and research advances, so too will the ability to refine and personalise diets. But what about right […]


Food Calories, Exercise Calories and Net Calories

April 14, 2018

    When you want to lose weight, understanding how your body uses the food you eat is important. The key thing to learn is the simple to say, but sometimes harder to do, phrase: “Weight loss = Inputting less than your body needs to maintain its current weight” What this means is that to […]

The Carbohydrate, Fat and Protein Balance

April 14, 2018

    Have you thought about what you are eating each day? Sure, you could use your whole calorie allowance on chips, chocolate and fast food, but eating meals that contain lots of vegetables, grains, meats and legumes will give you energy and help you feel satisfied and full for longer. It’s important to get […]


Weighing in on the Scale

April 15, 2018

  It’s no secret that many of us allow our moods to be determined by a number on a scales. If it’s the right number – elation. If it’s the wrong number – deflation. But how much stock should you really put in this number? In fact, it’s not as reliable as you might think. […]

Successfully Single: Meals for one

April 15, 2018

  If you live by yourself you might feel that preparing healthy, nutritious meals for yourself is a bit too much of a challenge. It’s easy to get caught up in thinking that it’s just too much effort to go to for one person and besides, it’s hardly fair that you have to do the […]

Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Body image and you

April 14, 2018

    When Snow White’s wicked stepmother asked her mirror who was the fairest of them all, she expected to be told it was herself. We don’t have the same sense of arrogance  when we look in the mirror – more the opposite problem in fact! Many women, and some men, struggle to find even […]

Drive to Survive (Your Diet) – Healthy eating on the road

April 15, 2018

  How do you feel after a long car trip? Tired? Irritated? Car sick? Next time you’re on the road, take stock of what you eat. Although it often seems the logical option, fast-food is likely to make the ill-effects of lengthy car travel worse than they need to be. Eating healthily on the road […]

Healthy Eating on a Shoestring

April 15, 2018

    Do you regularly pop into the supermarket for a carton of milk …and leave with three bags of groceries? Or does your morning latte and muffin cost you over $1500 a year (yes, it’s really that much!). Not only are these habits bad news for your wallet – they’re probably affecting your waistline […]