Food Guide for Pregnancy

By Calorie King January 23, 2021

If you’re pregnant, or trying to fall pregnant, following a healthy diet is a top priority. Good nutrition can have a big impact on your own health, and the health of your unborn baby. Calorie Requirements During Pregnancy The energy (calories) you require during pregnancy varies considerably from person to person. This reflects wide differences […]

Big Fat Hints for Low-Fat Eating

January 27, 2021

Did you know, every gram of fat contains 9 calories, compared to just 4 calories for each gram of protein and carbohydrates? Eating excessive amounts of fat can add up to some extra centimetres on the waist line – particularly if you’re eating the wrong types of fat! Check out these tips for helpful ideas […]

Relax Your Stress Away

January 20, 2021

Who said you can’t buy time? If you’re the sort of person who always feels like you don’t have enough time in your day, then think about this: you can actually create more time in your day by taking 10 minutes out of it. Just 10 minutes of relaxation each day effectively adds hours to […]


February 01, 2021

Tasty and low-fat, mushrooms come in so many varieties and flavours, making them suitable for so many nutritious recipes. The most common varieties, white button, cup and flat mushrooms, have the botanical name Agaricus bisporus. If you’re looking for a particular type of mushroom and can’t find it in your supermarket, specialist gourmet and Asian […]

How to avoid food distortion

How to Avoid Portion Distortion

February 01, 2021

You’re all about healthy eating, taking care to prep and cook nutritious meals to fuel your body and support weight loss, and yet the scales simply won’t budge… Have you considered portion control? Portion distortion could be the thing holding you back from success on your weight loss journey! Portion control is a hot topic […]

Complementary Medicines for Weight Loss – Good for Your Waist or Good Money Wasters

January 27, 2021

Pills, potions and powders touting weight loss benefits are everywhere you look! They’re in the shops, sold online and maybe even sitting on the shelf in your home. It’s hard to spot truth from tale when it comes to complementary medicines for weight loss. Which ones work? Which don’t work? Which ones are safe? How […]

Healthy products sources of carbohydrates.

A Guide to Carbohydrates

February 15, 2021

“Carbohydrate” is a word hot on everyone’s lips, and not usually in the friendliest sense. In fact, carbohydrates seem to be the latest evil scapegoat, blamed for everybody’s extra kilos. But the idea that carbs are somehow “bad” for you is unfounded, unwise, and misleading. Carbohydrate foods in their more natural forms are a very important […]

What’s Your Food Doing For Your Mood

February 02, 2021

You are what you eat – right down to your mood. Your diet can have a dramatic impact on the way you feel. Food is so powerful, it truly can turn that frown upside down! And as you know, the way you feel significantly impacts your motivation to stick to your health goals. Depression, diet and […]

A Guide to Fibre

February 16, 2021

Fibre is an essential component of your daily diet – just as important as protein, fats and carbohydrates. But chances are, you’re not eating enough of it. Adults need between 25 and 35 grams of dietary fibre every day, though most of us are lucky if we get 10 grams. Fibre is an important nutrient […]


Weighing in on the Scale

January 27, 2021

It’s no secret that many of us allow our mood to be determined by the number on the scales. If it’s the right number – we feel elated. If it’s the wrong number – we feel deflated. But how much stock should you really put in this number? In truth, it’s not as reliable as […]

myDNA Recommendations – General Suggestions

April 11, 2018

Lower Fat Choose low-fat dairy (milk, yoghurt, cheese) Use cooking oils sparingly Thinly scrape butter/margarine on toast No deep frying- instead steaming, grilling, baking Choose lean cuts of meat- including meats with less marbling, 5-star mince Trim fat from steak Take-off the skin of chicken Avoid processed meats (salami, strass) Include beans, legumes, fruits and […]

Weight Loss Plateaus: 7 Ways to Break Through

January 25, 2021

When you first start to lose weight, you’re on a roll – nothing can stop you. Week after week, kilo after kilo drops off, and the more you lose, the more motivated you feel. You’re in weight-loss heaven! “Whoever said this was hard?” you say to yourself, “It’s as easy as [eating] pie!” But then […]