Autumn is a great time of year for tasty pears. Served in sweet or savoury dishes, warm or cold, pears make delicious eating and they’re very healthy too.

A medium-sized pear has less than 70 calories and is packed with dietary fibre. In fact, a large pear can contain up to 5 g of fibre, which is more than in a wholemeal bread roll. Pears also contain lots of vitamins, such as A, B, C and E and provide potassium and iron.

Varieties of pears commonly available in Australia

pear williamWilliam pears

A sweet, juicy pear ideal for fresh eating or use in recipes. Available from January to May.

pear packhamPackham pears

A more subtly flavoured pear, Packhams are ideal for cooking and bottling. Available from April to December.

pear buerre boscBuerre Bosc pears

An elegant, brown-skinned pear with a delicate flavour and texture. A tip: the darker the colour, the better the flavour.

pear sensationSensation pears

Also known as red sensation, Sensation pears have bright red skin when ripe. They have a juicy, creamy white flesh and are lovely for desserts or fruit salads. Available from March to October.

Choosing pears

Look for fruit that has smooth skin with no cuts or bruises. Gently press the flesh near the stem to test for ripeness.

Storing pears

Pears should be allowed to ripen at room temperature. Some varieties may take up to ten days to ripen. If you would like your pears to ripen faster, place them in a paper bag with a banana. Once ripe, pears should be stored in the fridge.

Using pears

Pears can be added to a range of recipes – from pear jam to pear pie, they are a great traditional treat. For more contemporary flavours, try adding pear to salads, risottos or roasts (roast pears make a great accompaniment to roasted chicken or pork).

Nutritional information

Based on one, large green pear

Calories100 cals
Kilojoules420 kj
Total fats0 g
Carbohydrates25 g
Cholesterol0 mg
Protein1 g
Fibre5 g

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