Enjoying Easter – The Healthy Way

When you think ‘Easter’, chances are you also think ‘chocolate’ within a few seconds. And when the supermarket shelves are weighed down with enough chocolate eggs to feed a million Easter bunnies, it’s impossible not to!

The huge Easter displays can be very tempting, making it seem like a hard time of year to stick to your weight control goals. If you’re feeling like ditching your goals and gobbling down some chocolate, here are some ideas to keep you on track over the Easter break.

How to deal with hot cross buns and chocolate eggs

The trick to surviving the Easter holidays with your weight control goals intact is to focus on the word ‘one’ – have just one egg, or one hot cross bun. Allowing yourself to indulge just a little won’t leave you feeling deprived, and it won’t hurt your weight loss either.

However for most of us, having ‘just one’ can be a pretty difficult task. One chocolate egg or one hot cross bun can have the power to push you down a slippery slope, and when you get to the bottom you realise you’ve demolished a whole batch of buns or a giant packet of Easter eggs.

Here are some tips that will help you avoid the slippery slope:

  • Eat well and stick to the meals you’ve planned. Don’t let yourself get too hungry – if you’ve had enough to eat, you’ll be able to say no to nibbles and treats more easily.
  • Plan to have healthy alternatives on hand. How about preparing a batch of our low-fat hot cross buns instead of the traditional variety? Or you could have some low-fat sweet or savoury muffins to give guests or enjoy as a snack instead of hot cross buns. Check out our Recipe section for more inspiration.
  • Have a little of what you like. Instead of eating everything in the house, other than the one food you really want to indulge in, allowing yourself a small treat, or a small portion of the food you’re desperate for, can help you beat a craving.
  • Keep the amount of chocolate and hot cross buns in the house to an absolute minimum. If your partner insists it’s just not Easter without hot cross buns, buy a pack of six instead of 12, or make your own low-calorie version. Buy just enough chocolate eggs for the kids and keep them out of sight until Easter Sunday morning.
  • Ask your family not to buy you a food-based present. Instead, tell them you’d love some flowers or a nice hand-made card instead of chocolate this year. Decorate dyed, coloured hard boiled or blown eggs, instead of chocolate ones.

What to do if you overindulge

If you do accidentally eat a few too many chocolates or other goodies, the best thing you can do for yourself and your diet is to get back on track straight away. Don’t see a slip-up as a reason to completely ditch your weight control goals – it’s a just a minor setback.

At Food.com.au, we don’t see healthy eating as a temporary restrictive food plan. Instead, it’s a way of life. Everyone overindulges occasionally, the trick is to get straight back into your normal healthy eating and exercise routines when you do.

Enjoying the Easter holidays

For most of us, Easter usually means a few extra days off work. With extra time to spend with your friends and family, or to take a holiday to a favourite destination, it’s wise to plan ahead so you can meet your weight control goals and enjoy yourself.

If you’re going away, check out our article Healthy eating on the road.

Getting together with family and friends often involves extra eating. If you’re going to a barbecue, or planning one of your own, our article Get Set to Barbecue will give you lots of ideas for keeping your barbecue healthy. Or you might like to visit our Recipe section for other delicious ideas.

Having extra time also offers the perfect opportunity for getting in some extra exercise. It’s a great way to spend time with your kids – try a trip to the beach or a game of footy in the park.

You could also use the extra time off for some ‘me time’. How about running a long bubble bath or reading the paper from cover to cover instead of just grabbing the headlines? For many people, Easter is also an important time for contemplating your spirituality. Going to church or taking time for some quiet reflection or meditation can help bring some peace and balance to your hectic life.

However you choose to spend your Easter holidays, enjoy it!

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