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Sometimes, losing or managing weight can be hard. There’s no denying it. If you need a helping hand on your journey, here are some tools that can make a world of difference in supporting you along the way – through the ups and the downs.

Of course, these tools are all suggestions – and not at all necessary, but they could make all the difference between you smashing your goals, or giving up on your health journey altogether.

Digital Kitchen Scale

Try weighing your food if you’re tracking calories and macros – this is far more effective than guessing how many calories you’re eating, as many people are so far off what they believed! Just be sure to weigh your food while it’s raw, as cooking food first can distort your measurements.

Measuring Cups/Spoons

As above, using measuring cups and spoons to monitor exactly how much food and energy you’re putting into your body daily can help you identify patterns and areas to improve.

Plastic-Free Glass Food Storage Containers with Eco-Friendly Bamboo Wooden Lids, Set of 4

Ever heard the saying, failing to prepare is preparing to fail? These containers are perfect for storing your meal prep in – setting you up for a week of healthy eating, and keeping you on track!

NutriBullet 1200w Series Blender,10 Piece Set

Prefer to start your day with a nutritious smoothie containing protein, healthy fats and complex carbs? Or maybe you like to whip up a shake for a snack to stabilise your blood sugar throughout the day. This NutriBullet is the blender for you!

1L Motivational Hydration Tracker Water Bottle

Water is so important – and hugely underrated – when it comes to supporting weight loss and management. Aim to drink at least 2L per day – this water bottle will help you get there, with the large size and tracked levels making it seem like so easy to get through your fluids for the day. It’s motivation in a bottle!

Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle & Vacuum Flask

And when you’re on-the-go, this stainless steel bottle will help you get the hydration you need throughout the day – no matter where you are.

Beeswax Food Wraps – Set of 3

Perfect for transporting meal prep or healthy snacks when you’re at work, school or on-the-go.

Eco Friendly, Reusable Produce Bags for Fruit & Vegetables

Another environmentally-friendly wrap for packaging meal prep or snacks.

Reusable 4 Beeswax Food Wraps and 6 Silicone Stretch Lids

Handy environmentally-conscious food wrappings for when you’re on-the-go, to help prevent you succumbing to the temptations of fast food!

7L (Family/Bulk) Slow Cooker

Make nutritious, delicious stews, soups, curries, you name it, for the whole family – a great meal prep option.

3.5L (Singles/Couples) Slow Cooker

A smaller version, this slow cooker will help you look forward to your pre-prepared healthy meals.

Sunbeam EM5300 Coffee Machine with Inbuilt Grinder and Frother

What’s life without coffee?! Coffee can actually support metabolism in moderation – just be sure not to add excess calories in the form of sugar and fatty milks.

Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones

Powerbeats3 Wireless in-Ear Headphones

Motivation for smashing your workouts in the gym is here – in the form of these fantastic headphones and earbud options, so you can bust out moves to banging tunes.

Tontine Comfortech Talalay Latex Pillow – Medium

As you know, sleep is essential to supporting optimal physical and mental health and performance, so get the snooze of your life with an excellent pillow.

Cooks Standard 02477 2 Piece Nonstick Hard Anodized Saute Skillet, Bl 9.5 and 11-Inch Fry Pan Set

Reduce the amount of oil required for delicious healthy cooking with these excellent non-stick pans, perfect for whipping up nutritious meals in a flash.

Skipping Rope

A skipping rope is all you need for a good sweat session – perfect to pack when travelling, or for getting your heart rate up when you’re short on time.

Grid Journal – A5

Keeping a food or health journal can really help you achieve your goals – keep track of how you feel after eating certain meals, any progress or obstacles you encounter, and stay motivated by revisiting how you used to feel versus how you feel on your health journey!

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