Healthy Meal Preparation And Planning Made Easy

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Marley Spoon – Healthy Dinner Ingredients & Cooking Instructions Delivered Weekly

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Do you find yourself struggling to stick to healthy foods and meals?

One of the key ingredients for success when it comes to healthy eating is preparation. Meal preparation requires planning your meals for the week, writing a shopping list, and heading to the supermarket, greengrocer, fishmonger, and/or butcher for quality fresh produce.

Sound overwhelming?

To take the stress out of meal preparation and cooking, we recommend the Marley Spoon home delivery service. They deliver recipes and fresh ingredients to your door each week, making it quick and easy for you to cook at home. The recipe cards feature simple step-by-step instructions with matching photos, enabling both beginners and confident cooks alike to prepare delicious, nutritious dinners. In fact, Marley Spoon can teach you how to cook whilst promoting healthy cooking at home.

Each week you can select from multiple recipes, with various options available to cater to cooking for families or couples. Even if you’re cooking for one, you can order the box for two people, and either enjoy the leftovers for lunch the next day, or keep them for dinner the following night (so you’re only cooking every second night! Yes please!).

The ingredients used in Marley Spoon meals are top quality, fresh foods and the portions are very generous. Nutritional information is provided, and you can use this data to portion your intake, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Even better, there is something for everyone! There are plenty of vegetarian dishes to choose from, as well as fish options weekly, and plenty of gluten-free options too.

The food is flavoursome and healthy, usually containing 2-3 serves of vegetables in each meal, a source of low-GI carbohydrates, and a lean protein or non-animal source of protein, to ensure you’re meeting all your macronutrient requirements.

The Marley Spoon mobile app makes it easy to view and select the meals you like, and to pause or skip orders if you’re going away or want to take a break.

In line with our mission at to bridge the Intention-Behaviour Gap by providing actionable tools to living a healthy lifestyle and give you “one less thing to worry about”, we are happy to provide a pathway to action with an offer for any new Marley Spoon customers.

Click here to head to the Marley Spoon site to sign up.

New to Marley Spoon? Use the above link to receive a $35 discount on your first box!

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