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Healthy Meal Preparation And Planning Made Easy

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One of the keys to success for weight loss is meal preparation. Meal preparation involves planning of meals for the week, writing shopping lists and then getting to the supermarket, greengrocer, fishmonger, and/or butcher for quality fresh produce.

I’m exhausted even just thinking about it and that’s before we have even worked out whether the meals are healthy. However, the other option, eating outside the home usually means bigger portions, lack of control of what is added – often extra fats and salt and low in vegetables, not to mention the cost.

So, to help take the stress out of meal preparation and cooking, use and recommend the Marley Spoon home delivery service. For those that are not familiar with Marley Spoon; they deliver recipes and fresh ingredients for your chosen number of meals, to your door each week, making it quick and easy to cook at home. The included recipe cards include step by step instructions with photos and are very easy to follow.

Each week you can select from 12 recipes, and there are options for cooking for a family (choose their box for a family of 4) or for couples (choose their box for 2 people). Even if you’re single you could get the box for 2 and either have the leftovers for lunch the next day (saving money by not buying lunch at work) or you could keep it for dinner to save time in cooking another meal. There is often leftovers from the family box at our house ensuring plenty for lunch the next day.

The ingredients used in Marley spoon are top quality and mostly fresh foods and the portions are very generous. Nutritional information is provided so you can use that data to control your intake especially if you’re trying to lose weight. There are plenty of vegetarian dishes to choose from, there’s fish every week and plenty of gluten free options too.

For me, Marley Spoon saves lugging the kids through the supermarket and ensures there’s a healthy meal on the table in time for rush hour as most meals take between 30-40 minutes to cook. The food is flavoursome and healthy, usually containing 2-3 vegetables per meal, low GI carbohydrate, and lean proteins or non-animal sources of protein. We tend to have 1 or 2 vegetarian meals each week.

The nutrition information panel for each Marley Spoon meal details the amount of calories, carbs, protein, and fat in each meal.
The step by step instructions and matching photos enable beginners and confident cooks alike to prepare lovely dinners. In fact, Marley Spoon can teach you how to cook and promote healthy cooking at home.

The Marley Spoon mobile app makes it easy to view and select meals, and to pause/skip orders if you are going away.

In line with the mission to bridge the Intention-Behaviour gap through actionable tools and give you ‘one less thing to worry about’, we are happy to provide a pathway to action and a deal for new Marley Spoon customers.

Simply use this link to head over to the Marley Spoon site to sign up. New Marley Spoon customers will receive $35 off their first box. If the discount doesn’t apply automatically, apply our coupon code FOODCOMAU35A to get the deal.

Help with menu choices

Not so great at the choosing? That’s fine! I’ve had a look at the menu for the next 3 weeks, and put some recommendations below. I’ve also noted which myDNA Diet Recommendations the meals would fit into. If you’d like to know more about myDNA and their easy to use and very informative DNA test kits, check out our article here. There is a pathway to action and a special offer there also.

Week: June 4 to 10

Week: June 11 to 17

Hearty Beef Stew, with Vegetables and Pearl Barley
(High Protein)

Fish and Black Bean Tacos, with Sriracha Sauce
(Low Fat, Omega 3)

Mushroom and Spinach Polenta, with Toasted Walnuts

Week: June 18 to 24

Mushroom and Red Rice Soup, with Pepitas and Sesame Seeds

Chimichurri Roast Chicken, with Pumpkin and Carrot Smash
(High Protein)

Sesame White Fish and Brown Rice, with Chilli Greens
(Low Fat, High Protein, Omega 3)

Warm Quinoa Salad, with Haloumi
(High Protein, Mediterranean)

Remember, use this link to head over to the Marley Spoon site to sign up. New Marley Spoon customers will receive $35 off their first box. If the discount doesn’t apply automatically, apply our coupon code FOODCOMAU35A to get the deal.

Bree Voegt
Bree is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and member of the Dietitians Association of Australia who completed an undergraduate in Food Science and Nutrition with Honours where she conducted a randomised controlled trial looking into the effects of protein supplementation on wound healing. She also completed a Masters of Dietetics, both degrees from Deakin University.

She is a Clinical Dietitian who has worked in the healthcare industry for over a decade mostly in the acute and aged care setting. Today, she works at one of the leading private hospitals in Victoria, where she has many interactions with patients who struggle with obesity and related health concerns such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes as well as other chronic diseases such as cancer. Bree see’s on a daily basis the struggles of people trying to reach their weight loss goals.

As a Dietitian, Bree hopes to empower people to make good nutritional choices through simple and practical strategies.

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